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My two signature programs I offer are ones that came to me from my own need to connect, inspire, motivate and collaborate with other soul-centred women, curious about taking back the reins to their life, by “coming back home”.

These programs are offered seasonally, and now that fall is in the air (for some of us), it’s time!

Change is everywhere so let’s bring it on! If you’re interested in grabbing a spot on the waiting list, you can set up a call with me where I can answer any questions … and we can make sure it is the right fit for us!

Limited seats available.


Thursday September 29th, 2022
6pm, Mountain Standard Time

More info coming soon.

DM to get on the Waiting List!


4 weeks starting Tuesday January 3rd, 2023

DM to get on the Waiting List!!

Contact me for more information by clicking on the button

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