About Janine

I spent way too much time
Trying to hide from my past
Kept pushing pain down
Thinking it would never last

But it did – now I know
It’s never too late, you see
You can hide in your shadows
Or choose to be free

I help frustrated women and mums destroy self-sabotaging habits so they can live their own life, with their own rules, without guilt or shame.

My passion is to empower other women to break the cycle of generational dysfunction to free themselves from the chains of the past, where they were held by the shackles of fear in a self-assembled cage of complacency.

I use my life experience, my knowledge and my integrative coaching techniques to guide women into their own truth and their own power, without guilt or shame!

I can do this now, because I’ve broken the cycle.

As an adult child, growing up in a dysfunctional family with alcoholic parents, family separation and constant chaos, I learned very quickly how to hide and numb my feelings. After years in this victim disguise, I see clearly now, that this was always an unconscious choice of mine. I am responsible for my life – nobody else is.

I’ve turned the tables and with my extensive training and experience as an Integrative Health Coach, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Poet and Speaker.

I have turned pain into power.

And you can too!

I left my 25+ year corporate job behind me (Yay Yay Yay)
I know what I want in my life.
I’m a first time soulo entrepreneur with a passion for change.
I know who I want in my life.
I can say no at the drop of a hat.
I am awake to the practice of conscious living.
I’m a mama with two teenage daughters (yes, challenges)
I’m in a 30-year relationship with my partner (no, it’s not all roses)

Hey – Life isn’t easy … but who ever said it was supposed to be!

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