Catching Some Sunshine!

Catching some sun is most certainly different living up here in the Yukon. You gotta actually get it whenever it comes out – and that is indeed my daily intention.

With short daylight hours (mid winter we see the sun above the horizon for about 5.5 hours), it can get a little feverish, which is why we need to heartily mix business with self care rituals.

Speaking of rituals, I find it extremely important to make sure I get certain things done every day, to help keep the winter blues at bay. So I’ma gonna share my little magical morning routine with you, hoping that you’ll comment below and share some of your favourite things to do to keep you up and at ‘er!

  • I wake up and before I open my eyes, I smile. I smile hard, and I wiggle and move.
  • I listen to something to inspire me – around 10 minutes or so. A meditation, visualization, transformational audio (yes, I make them for myself now), music … whatever I feel I need.
  • I get up and plant my feet on the ground and stretch up to the sky and bend backwards.
  • Then I run to go pee having a giggle on the way sometime.
  • I greet my teens, cuddle with them, and send them off with a smile (yes, I am the one smiling) and then feed da dog and then it’s down to business.
  • I have a 7+ minute exercise routine (which I started last June), and I very often put funky cool dance music on while I do this, to keep the rhythm and vibe going. I have incorporated weights, yoga and stretching, and full on dancing while I get the kitchen organized. I’m proud to say that I am now working on full pushups and up to 10 as the intention when I started was simply – to become stronger.
  • A cuppa tea (different every day depending on how I feel), some vitamins, and a little reading/writing with a lovely brekkie (always healthy oils and protein).
  • Then at 9, I open my computer. I will not open it before then, because I know that there is a lot of great stuff that I have to do, but firstly, I must look after my body, mind and soul.
  • Oh yes, I always always cuddle with Boomer, my dog, and pick her up and look out all of the windows. She’s a very curious pooch, as most animals are, and I am learning to pay attention to the small things in life with her in my arms.

Flying through this year, I have to be quite cognitive of how I spend my time, so once 9am hits, that’s when I get excited. I get my distraction bracelet on, set the focus timer and move into BIZ-MODE …. starting always with a quick re-evaluation of my priorities.

Let me share a few of my wins from last week:

  • Had an incredible hypnotherapy session with an incredible soul. I worked with her on her long-term migraines that were part of her life for years, and this is what she said “My head feels clearer than ever… like a spring morning it’s kind of hard to describe. All of it worked… not one bit if medication since the session… I usually take excedrine at least once a day to keep Rx taking at a minimum. No medication since session truly amazing”.
  • Recorded another Soul Refresher, a mini masterclass series I lead in my Soul Empowerment Community – and presented on LETTING GO.  One of my favourite topics. Celebrating the 26th episode. You can catch the replay in my FB group if you’re quick, otherwise I will be sharing them out in my new Mighty Network Soul Empowerment Playground, along with other fantastic resources.
  • Got accepted as a guest on the Real Women Real Talk Podcast show, and so updated my bio and am preparing for that now. Abuse comes in so many different ways, and I’m excited to actually share this with the intention of helping others. This podcast was created to inspire victims hiding in plain sight to break free from domestic violence, domestic abuse, as well as abusive, narcissistic and toxic relationships.  Stay tuned!
  • Finally, I am continuing to create my business to empower women and to show how play can help heal in so many ways. So my collaboration efforts with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Brenda has been continuing on our Fun Friday LIVE show, The Alphabet Game! We are moving through the alphabet and having conversations about self-development and growth, that we both use in our conversations with our clients. Come and check it out in the “Soul Empowerment Lounge”!

And here we go, my favourite image of the week. I saw it and immediately gravitated towards it. I created a post, a story, a family text from it. Photo credit: David Attenborough website.

Would love to hear what you’re up to around your magical rituals, so drop them in the comments below … there is magic in flexibility so the more ideas we get, the better it will be!

Find and follow me, and if you want to join in on a free 3-Day Self-Care Challenge come and join the Soul Empowerment Playground here:

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