Bartering Your Individuality

Most of us on this planet have 2 arms, 2 legs, a body and a brain. Most of us on this planet can see, smell, touch, feel taste and hear. Most of us on this planet eat, sleep, speak and breathe.

The population of the world today, in 2022, is 7.8 billion. The forecast is 9.8 billion by 2050. There will be millions of others born on this planet, who can do these things too.

We may have been told when we were young, that we were special. That’s what parents tell their children to make them feel safe, secure, protected and loved. Of course we are loved by our parents … and through their own eyes they believe that we are special.

But we aren’t special!

Many of us are raised to believe that it is important to live up to expectations: from our family, friends, school, workplace, community, society, culture … and many of us do that so we can feel needed, adored and loved! It is the sense of belonging that is hardwired into our DNA which makes us yearn to be accepted, and ultimately feel worthy and loved. What are we really thinking??

There is a trade off involved though, when we surrender our truth, when we repress it, consciously or not … that by sacrificing our individualism that it will be “better” for others, better for society as a whole, and more comfortable for ourselves and our eg. Ooooh, if we could just fit into that container that others have created for us: the good kid, the quiet and polite teen, the university, the car, the marriage, the mortgage, the house and the kids … then everything would be just fine.

When we follow too closely behind the footsteps of others, it makes us far from special.

What is it then … that sets us apart from all of the rest?

It is our uniqueness: our inherent capacity to be a unique individual, a one of a kind person, in a sea of common, non-special, ordinary people. One who can think, believe, speak, act and feel … without the need to meet the standards that others plant in our garden.

It is our individuality that sets us apart.

Where are you in your journey?

What life station are you currently in? Are you happy? Is there growth? Joy? Laughter? Play? Curiosity? Are you learning? Are you moving through the ups and downs with acceptance or with resistance? Are you giving yourself permission to BE in the moment?


Are you squandering your time in a repressed state of blame, guilt, frustration, anger, resentment, judgement, fear, comparison or control?

If you are not making the most of your time on this planet … right here and right now … then it’s time to move on to your next station. Your next, created-by-you peculiar-life-station on your unique individual journey.

Create the life you want and make it your unique contribution to yourself, and those in your life who are blessed to walk your path alongside you.

And remember:

You are not special. You are not common. You are not ordinary. You are a unique individual unlike any other of the near 8 billion folks on this planet.

Wish it & want it.
Find it & flaunt it.

It’s very important that you know your strengths, talents, gifts and passions? It will build your confidence in the individualism arena

What can you do right now? One little thing to help you move towards your next peculiar station on this bittersweet route they call life.

Change your Patterns
Change your Life

Women’s Empowerment & Play Coach, Speaker & Poet

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