💃🏼 About Me …

I’m a Curious Soul on a Magical Journey.

But it hasn’t always been like that. As an Adult Child who grew up in an alcoholic family, I consider myself a forever student of life, learning many of the things that I didn’t learn as a youth, and unlearning many of the things that I did learn! What a beautiful crazy process this work is!

I am passionate about many things in life … poetry, play, nature, sisterhood, spirituality, connection, music, movement, storytelling and of course … vulnerability. I love it!!

I am so fricken blessed to be able to weave these things into what I love to do … into my unique tapestry of life – both at home (as a wife and as a mum of two teen daughters), and through my work as a Soul Empowerment Coach.

I am a recovering people pleaser, and am super passionate about dysfunctional family dynamics. Through my own experience and research, I have zoomed in on the root of much dysfunction in our society, and that is why I focus my work on destroying deep-seated self-sabotaging habits, especially around the area of people pleasing. This is why my mission is to empower the lives of passionate women to find freedom from the past through curiosity, vulnerable conversation, dedicated action and soul sister community.

I love creative expression – there’s absolute magic when something comes straight from our soul. Whether it’s dance, written word, poetry, song, video or just beautiful conversation with your friends and family. It’s delicious when the vulnerability strings are at play.

So – what’s a gal to do? I integrated my tumultuous life experiences and my passion for heart-centred connection into my work. I’ll gladly recite poetry, sing a home-made song, or tap dance for anyone. I feel most at home when I am having authentic and deep conversations about life experiences, using a twing of humour (yes, I make up words) to foster genuine relationships.

Rose Bay Convent, Sydney

When I was 15, my parents split and I moved from small Canadian town to Sydney, Australia. I got put into Rose Bay Convent for high school … let me tell you about culture shock!

After school I studied Communication in Dance & Drama and then took the biggest risk of my life when I decided to travel the world! I went to 13 countries in six months, and I loved my newfound freedom. Who would have thought that would lead me to a corporate job in northern Canada for almost three decades. That’s another story all together!!

I now live back in Canada, nestled in and amongst the mountains, the lakes, the eagles & ravens, the trees and the snow. It’s a magical setting where the Land of the Midnight Sun meets The Great White North!

I’ve learned, through much trial and error, that the grass is definitely not greener on the other side, and that it’s up to each and every one of us individually, to nourish the very soil that feeds our soul, so that we can bloom know we have the option to Replant our Family Tree.

A self-proclaimed Soul Junkie, I enjoy the outdoors and the indoors, love to watch the leaves dance and the water move, love to participate and create guided meditations and visualizations, and loves to connect and network with interesting, curious and adventurous folks.

If you would like to connect with me or learn more about my work, come on in and join us in the Soul Empowerment Lounge, or grab my free amazing transformational musical poem “You Choose” … just climb onto my LinkTree here, or message me directly!

Would love to hear from you!

PS: I couldn’t talk about me without talking about my best friend, Boomer! She’s a rescue pup from a small northern community, abandoned and found under a deck, alone and afraid. Boomer and I share stories, and she has come to me like no other dog in the world … and has shown me that simply being present is the best medicine in the world.

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