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Live a healthier, more fulfilling and passionate life – no matter what relationship you are talking about: with work, with home, with family or with yourself! My coaching, programs, workshops, LIVE Talk Show, and my soul poetry will help close that gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.

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My name is Janine McJannet.
I am a soul connector.
I am a soul sister.
I am a soul excavator.
I am a Soul Empowerment Expert and Coach.

My passion and purpose is to empower other women to break the cycle of dysfunction to free themselves from the chains of the past, where they were held in a facade of fear or a cage of comfort and complacency. I use my integrative coaching techniques to guide women into their own truth and their own power, unapologetically!

I am the Founder of “The Souled-Out-Sisters Lounge”, a virtual healing space for women and adult children to embrace connection, curiousity and deeper self-awareness in and amongst a group of kindred souls.

My Souled-Out-Speakin’ (SOS) LIVE talk show is where I have magical, raw and vulnerable conversations with women and men, about finding ‘soulutions’ to the every day problems that this crazy world we live in brings us. In the 50 episodes that have been released, we discuss our struggles and our strengths in an informative and honest conversation, and talk about how we have traversed through our uncertain and often dysfunctional past, into the freedom that is alive yet often hidden in our present. Inspiration and empowerment is my goal with every episode.

I help women break free from their own cycle of dysfunctional family patterns which they were raised in so that they can become conscious relationship masters in their own homes. This means just taking the reins and steering your life in the direction that you want to take it, regardless of the self sabotaging patterns that have kept you playing safe. I do this through my Coming Home Mentor Program, and through facilitating workshops and bootcamps.

As an adult child, growing up in a dysfunctional family system with alcoholic parents, family separation and constant sibling chaos, it’s not been an easy road … but with my extensive training and experience as a Integrative Health Coach, Life Coach, Poet and Speaker, I have found the rhythm and rhyme to my power from my pain.

As a recovering people pleaser myself who found myself cooped up in a corporate cage of complacency for over 2 decades … I now love to help women recognize their own patterns and guide them towards breaking the chains. On our journey together we traverse through some of these patterns, like stuffing down feelings, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, limited beliefs, the need to seek approval, need for control, difficulties in setting boundaries, inability to say “no”, living with resentment for the past, inner child work and making decisions based on fear.

Does this sound familiar to you? What can pull us through all of these toxic patterns, is, as I call it, the 3 C’s of Breaking the Cycle:


Reclaiming our lives and coming back home to our own dreams and goals is constant and such valuable work, but as my mentor Les Brown says:


2019 Calgary, The Uncommon Woman Stage

One of my most sacred lessons is that in order to grow you MUST learn to be uncomfortable. Finding comfort in discomfort is in my daily challenge and my daily routine now. I love that my soul excavation techniques have now helped my clients break free and turn that generational burden of fear and complacency, into a life of freedom and courage.

I have learned to break free
And not hide from my past
But to hold it up with glory
And a mighty good grasp

Come and meet me in The Souled Out Sisters Lounge, a healing space for women and adult children to embrace curiousity and deeper self-awareness. I’d love for you to get to know me and my wonderful community.

Let’s laugh and cry and be by each other’s side

About Janine

janinelogoJanine McJannet

I spent far too much effort
Trying to hide from my past
Kept pushing it down
Thought my facade would always last

It’s never too late
It’s your choice you see
You can hide in your shadow
Or choose to be free


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“Connection is the True Spice of Life”

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